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My Top 10 Videos That I Love January 21, 2009

mtv_green_logoI’m at the end of this ‘Flu and the end of my music video kick. Forget about art. Forget about innovation. Forget being intellectual. To hell with it – here are my personal favourite music videos. I just love ‘em. I was going to go into all the reasons I like these vids and drone on and on about why they’re special but I decided to let my 7-year-old self write this. Over to you, 7-year-old-self:

“HI! I’m Erin’s 7-year-old self. Wow. She blabs a lot. Blah, blah, blah! I guess that’s what happens when you’re 33 and super-old; you think people care about the stuff you’re blabbing about. Anyway, here’s the music videos I like. And, Jamie Baker, you’re the cutest boy EVER!”

‘Jump’ – Van Halen: David Lee Roth does the splits! And Eddie is great in this – he was the only lead guitarist who ever smiled while he played. Yeaaayyyy!!

‘Rock Me Amadeus’ – Falco: A bit naughty and Falco rides a moped and wears a silly wig.

‘Who Wants To Live Forever’ – Queen: It’s very dramatic and serious and has loads of candles. Freddie looks good in a tux too. I like ‘Highlander’.

‘New Age Girl’ – Deadeye Dick: I like all the pumpkin-head people. They’re funny.

‘Nothing Has Been Proved’ – Dusty Springfield and The Pet Shop Boys: Dusty looks really pretty and I enjoy the ‘olde type’ news-reel footage.

‘Work It’ – Missy Elliot: She’s so cool! And she looks like she’s having a really good time making this, it’s very important to have fun.

‘Touch Of Grey’ – Grateful Dead: They’re skeletons!!!!!! A doggie runs off with one of the drummers’ femur!!!! But, phew! he gets it back. Thank Goodness. Bad dog! Then they’re human. It was good while it lasted. I like that Jerry fella, he looks like Santa.

‘Don’t Come Around Here No More’ – Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers: I love ‘Alice In Wonderland’ and I love Tom Petty. Can’t lose, suckas.

‘Intergalactic’ – The Beastie Boys: They travel through space in a big robot and do cool dance moves in Haz-Mat suits. Awesome.

‘Daydream Believer’ – The Monkees: I adore you, Davy Jones… and you’re about as tall as me too! We’re made for each other!!!!

‘No Rain’ – Blind Melon: I’m only 7 so if you pick on me for having 11 in a top 10 you’re gonna look really mean and stupid. Only adults would limit themselves. This one’s great!

OK, Schoenfeld – I have to do Honorable Mentions. A Top 5, if you will. Damn you! You know my weak spots! The 33-year-old is back. And in charge – snotty nose and all!

‘Rio’ – Duran Duran: I picked this over ‘Hungry Like The Wolf’ because it was the first time ‘Duran Duran’ knew they could peel knickers off with just a look (Hi, John Taylor!). And the chorus on the hull is too good.

‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ – Twisted Sister: I’m so jealous you thought of this. It’s the best vid EVER!!!!

‘Happy Hour’ – THe Housemartins: How did I forget this?!?!

‘White Wedding – Billy Idol: OK, leather-clad bridesmaids and driving a motorbike through a church window IS Rock ‘n’ Roll.

‘Love Shack’ – The B52’s: Because three queens and a king beat any hand! Man, I love the B52’s!!!!!
My Top 10 Videos That I Love

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