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Top 5 Films for People Who Hate Christmas December 21, 2008 No Comments

I’ve been informed that some people just really do not like Christmas and hate most of the holiday films. Fair enough, I won’t call you ‘Grinch’ or ‘Scrooge’ (besides, these characters change their minds and embrace the holiday). Instead, I will defend your right to hate Dec. 25th and I’ve created a list for you too because you’re not alone!

1. Black Christmas (1974) – Santa goes mental. Everyone on the naughty list gets an axe in the head.

2. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005) – Murder mystery, black comedy, shoot-outs and capers galore in front of a Christmas backdrop. Great performances from Downey Jr and Kilmer. Interesting fact, the title comes from what Italians call James Bond films.

3. The Ref (1994) – Ever feel like you’re trapped with your family on Christmas Day? So does Denis Leary and they’re not even HIS family. When his botched attempt to rob a wealthy but miserable family goes askew on Christmas Eve, he has to mediate. The fact that he has a gun seems to help, so take note. (Just kidding!)


Feeneys’ Fabulous Top 10 List of Christmas Films December 20, 2008 No Comments

In no particular order…..

1. Gremlins (1984) – Phoebe Cates’ Dad died going down the chimney, the ‘bad’ Gremlins drink up a storm and one ends up in the microwave…. *SPLOOSH*! Brilliant stuff!

2. Home Alone (1990) – I was the kind of kid who wanted to move out so badly, I was born a month early. When I was 6, the house next to ours went up for sale I told my parents they should buy it, move in and I would stay in the ‘old’ house. They didn’t go for it.

3. Elf (2003) – “Don’t tell him what you want, Paul! He’s a fake! You sit on a throne of lies!!!!” & “Thanks Buddy” are two of my favourite lines in any film, ever.